Travel Insurance

I think we will need to get some kind of travel insurance for while we are away. I will do some research on which company will be best and where we can get the best price. I have just done a quick quote on the Southern Cross website. It looks like a year policy would be about $500.00 each, but if we go to USA or Canada, Japan or Antarctica then it jumps up to $1000 per year.

Another thing to factor in to the budget!

It seems as though many cruisers do not have any kind of medical insurance, so perhaps this is something we need to think about some more.

ACC will cover us if we are injured while we are overseas but only if you have been out of the country for under six months. However I have heard of them making exceptions to this.

2 thoughts on “Travel Insurance

  1. I looked at Southern Cross too, but I thought their policy was only good for a stay of up to 6 months outside of NZ? This whole health insurance things is really complicated – I can’t figure out what to do either.


    • Yes I think you are right. I think the credit card policies have similar conditions. From what I’ve read, lots of people don’t bother with insurance. But imagine if you were hurt or diagnosed with cancer or something and just wanted to come home. You read some terrible stories of how much health care can cost!


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