Sailing websites that I love

  • Women and Cruising – a whole wealth of information on their resources page which I will have lots of fun going through:
  • Noonsite – heaps of information about cruising destinations:
  • Predict Wind – fantastic wind forecasting tool:
  • The Boat Galley – great tips on all things boat galley related:
  • Island Cruising Association –

There are also hundreds of other sailing blogs out there that you can follow and live vicariously through their adventures. Often these blogs provide wonderful insights in to not only the destination, but other handy tips, like which is the best marina, and where to get spares and supplies etc. If you want to follow some blogs, check out the Anzac Sailing Facebook page or the Anzac Sailing Google + page or the Anzac Sailing Twitter Page and check out the blogs that we like on there. By connecting with other sailors from around the world, you are bound to bump in to some along the way, and if they start to follow you back then they can give you all sorts of information advice. Sailors are so friendly and are always happy to help where they can.

My other suggestion is to join some Facebook Groups. These are fantastic forums for sharing information. Check out:

  • Women Who Sail
  • Liveaboard Sailboats
  • Liveaboard Boats
  • Sailboat ideas
  • Seven Seas Cruising Association
  • Active Captain

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