Fitness On a Yacht

I am an active person, but would love to improve my fitness, and so I thought I would do some research on what other cruisers do to keep fit while at sea. I have found some great resources!

  • Strength Plus – is a website that has got heaps of great ideas of exercises you can do on a yacht. I think I will study this more carefully and try to come up with some kind of a training program that can be done on board. (I could even start doing it now!)
  • Yoga Onboard – This looks great, I have done some yoga in the past and love it. You can download a handbook and also the DVD and again it is specifically designed to do on board a yacht. There also seem to be a few people doing yoga on board their stand up paddle boards, that looks fantastic too.

When we are in an anchorage, there will be other options for keeping fit including:

  • Swimming
  • Rowing the dinghy
  • Pulling up the anchor
  • Stand up Paddle boarding
  • Snorkeling
  • Walking or running on shore
  • Cycling (perhaps we might get those fold up bikes)
  • Tramping

1. Bridge-ups
Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet on the floor, and your arms down at your sides, flat against the floor. You should be able to almost touch your heels. Place your feet about 15cm apart, with your toes and knees pointing forward. Engage your abdominal muscles, tighten your glutes, push down through your heels and lift your hips to full extension. Make sure you tuck your pelvis forward a bit to avoid creating pressure in the lower back. Start with two sets of 15 repetitions; increase as needed.

2. Squats
Even the most advanced weight machine will have a hard time improving upon the simple brilliance of the squat—it’s one of the best body-shapers nature has ever created! Start with your feet a bit wider than hip-distance apart, with your toes pointing straight forward. Keeping your spine straight and your abdominal muscles engaged, sit back into a deep knee bend, as though you’re going to sit down on a chair. Take yourself as low as you can, but don’t drop your hips any lower then knee height. Take care not to let your knees splay outward or collapse inward and make sure that your knees remain behind your toes. Keep your heels on the ground, and try to keep your shoulders aligned with your hips. Start with two sets of 15 repetitions and increase as needed.

3. Lunges
Lunges are another all-around leg-toning exercise, with bonus points for creating stability in the hips and core. Start with your feet planted firmly at hip width. Step forward into a deep knee bend, taking care to keep your shins perpendicular to the ground. Your hips should point straight forward, and your shoulders should be aligned with your hips to maintain a straight spine. Your back knee should be 7–15cm above the ground. To return to the starting position, push through the front heel and bring the foot back so that you’re standing upright again, with your feet hip-width apart. Repeat with the other leg, doing two sets of 10 repetitions.

– See more at:

Yoga on SUP

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