Scuba Diving

Both Andrew and I are in to Scuba Diving and we intend on taking our dive gear with us on the yacht, however I don’t know if our budget or space constraints will stretch to allowing us to have a compressor on board. I think the best option might be for us to carry a couple of our own tanks, but then get them filled at local dive spots or off another yacht that has a compressor on board.

It costs around NZD$3000 to get set up with all the gear and this consists of:

  • BCD – Buoyancy Control
  • Regs – the hoses you breath through and gauges to record depth and air
  • Mask
  • Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Wetsuit
  • Weight belt
  • Catch Bag
  • Large Bag for carrying everything
  • Tanks

We also have a pony bottle which is a small bottle of air with a regulator attached. This can be filled off a big tank and is ideal if you get something wrapped around the propellor or want to quickly dive down and check your anchor. You just put it in your mouth and dive in! Much easier than getting completely kitted out in the full gear.

You need to do an Open Water dive course before you can be certified to dive. The courses are recognised all over the world – the most common being PADI and SSI. I would totally recommend this as something that you can also do when you are getting ready to head off on your voyage. At least if you have the qualification under your belt but you don’t want to buy all the gear you can still join in with local resort dives and hire your gear there. Anywhere around water there is bound to be a dive shop or a local resort that does trips and they can take you to all the best spots.

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