The Lazarette & Storage

We have decided that if we are going to be living aboard, then a 2 cabin layout with a lazarette is going to be a better option for us than a 3 cabin version.

This way we would hopefully have storage space for all the things we are going to bring on board. It is amazing how much you can store on a yacht – we had five people and LOTS of gear on Wildwood over Christmas and somehow we managed to find a space for everything, however it was a bit of a squash and it was difficult to get things in and out of the spaces we had crammed everything in to.

Ideally we would be able to access the lazarette from both inside the cabin and also from the cockpit. It obviously would need to be lockable too if it can be accessed from the exterior. Some kind of shelving or racks or perhaps big boxes would be good too so that everything doesn’t just get thrown in and jumbled up in a big mess.

Here is what we will need to store in our lazarette:

  • Spare sails
  • Outboard motor and possibly rolled up dinghy
  • Life raft and grab bag (will keep them out of the sun while we are at anchor and move them in to a more prominent place when at sea)
  • Inflatable paddle boards
  • Dive gear and tanks
  • Spares and maintenance gear
  • Mooring lines and fenders
  • Spare rope
  • Boat hook
  • Spare anchor and chain
  • Fishing gear
  • Tools
  • Buckets
  • BBQ
  • Bosuns chair
  • Spare fuel and oil
  • Possibly the folding bikes if we get some
  • Foldable trolley

I think that all this stuff will mean that we are sailing along on a funny angle, so to balance it out we could use the storage space under the other quarter berth to store other things. We will try and leave the hanging locker empty so that guests can easily come and go without us having to move everything around. But under the bed we could put:

  • Spare food
  • Spare water
  • Spare wine and beer
  • Tramping gear – boots, backpacks etc
  • Spare clothes – vacuum packed
  • Sleeping bags
  • Things to trade if in the Pacific

That then would leave the galley cupboards for:

  • Galley equipment
  • Current food supply
  • Wine & beer

In the head we would need storage for:

  • First aid kit
  • Towels
  • Toiletries

And in the main cabin:

  • Laptops, iPads
  • Important documents
  • Charts
  • Cruising guides
  • Books
  • Torches
  • Camera

Finally in our cabin

  • Clothes

This seems like lots of stuff, however I am looking forward to pairing back on ‘clutter’ that crowds our home lives and living a bit more simply on a yacht!

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