Rig, Sails, Sheets and Halyards

Obviously our sails will be our main form of propulsion, and as we intend to do some long distances and ocean passages, the sail set up will be important and if it can be easily sailed short handed. Here are some things I will be looking for on the new yacht:

  • Conventional mainsail – that does not furl in to the mast or boom (too much chance for it to get stuck at a bad time and in mast furling means lots of extra weight aloft)
  • How many reefing points are in the sail? (3 would be good)
  • What kind of track on the mast? How could you rig a try sail?
  • Lazy jacks and sail cover
  • Location of mainsheet – and traveller
  • Furling headsail
  • Is there an ability to rig a baby stay and storm jib?
  • Location of jammers – halyards, reefs, cunningham,vang, outhaul etc
  • Deck winches
  • Where do the halyards lead? Is there a tidy spot for them to be stored?
  • Location of headsail blocks – can these be easily altered?
  • Self tailing winches for headsail sheets – location
  • How many winch handles?
  • Is there somewhere to safely store winch handles?
  • How would you rig a spinnaker or gennaker?
  • Are there spare halyards in case one gets lost at the top of the mast?
  • Sturdy mast and rig set up
  • Backstay and adjustment
  • Is the boom held up by a topping lift or a hydraulic vang?
  • How much headroom below the boom?
  • Is there a flag line on the stays?

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