The Cockpit and Deck

The new production yachts have got very spacious cockpits and I love the fold out swim platform and twin wheels. We have chartered yachts before with one single wheel and they seemed to take up the whole stern of the yacht and you had to climb around the wheel to get to the stern, which was really annoying. As the cockpit is where we will be planning to spend lots of time, there are going to be a few things that we will be looking for in regards to the cockpit design. I am planning on using these lists to take along when we go to a boat show to see all the yachts, and this way I will be looking at the practical things that I will of course forget all about if I have fallen in love with the look of it!

  • Layout – is it spacious, easy to get around etc
  • Dual wheels – is the helmsman’s seat comfortable, good view
  • Where are the steering controls
  • Where are the instruments located?
  • Winches – brand, self tailing, storage for winch handles etc
  • Winch locations – are these handy for short handed sailing, or what about with a crew?
  • Cockpit table – is it removable, or easy to climb around?
  • Storage – for fenders, mooring lines etc
  • Gas tank storage – accessibility and is there room for two?
  • BBQ – where could this be mounted or used?
  • Outboard motor – can you get a bracket to attach this to?
  • Fold out transom – is there a ladder? How does it work?
  • Location of mainsheet traveller – is it out of the way?
  • Is there storage for all the halyard ends?
  • Height of boom – above our head height
  • Dodger and bimini top – how would this be attached?
  • Cockpit cushions – if not included then get the measurements to be able to get some made.
  • Solar Panels – where could these go?
  • Dinghy storage – could it go on the deck or where?
  • Life raft cupboard?
  • Toe rail
  • Handles on the deck
  • Lifelines – are there areas that can be un-clipped to step over the side when in a marina?
  • Companion way access and washboards – how are these secured? Is there a place to stow them?
  • Security – how are the various lockers and doors locked?
  • Is there a rub rail around the outside?
  • Location of jib sheet blocks etc
  • Materials – teak/fibreglass/non slip deck
  • Mooring cleats – do they all have backing plates and in convenient locations

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