The Head and Plumbing

The head – or for all you land-lubbers – the toilet/bathroom combined in to one tiny space similar to your broom cupboard!

I like the keep it simple idea of not having electric toilets and too many complicated systems that might break or require lots of maintenance. However lets see what the yachts come with as standard and go from there.

Here is what we will be looking at in the head department when we are boat shopping:

  • Toilet – preferably manual and not electric
  • Holding tank – how many litres
  • Can you switch the holding tank to go automatically over the side while at sea
  • Shower
  • Size of area – can you move!?
  • Is there a shower in the cockpit as well?
  • Water heater – where is it located, how does it work?
  • How does the drain work – a pump presumably
  • Sink
  • Storage for loo roll, toiletries, medical kits etc
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Hooks, and rails for towels & clothes etc
  • Fresh water tank – how many litres?
  • What about a water maker? Where would it go?
  • Ease of access to sea-cocks and other plumbing

The Sun Odyssey that we liked had a great head layout, spacious with a screen to keep the shower water in one place. There was plenty of storage and easy access to the plumbing if necessary. The door to the lazarette was also through here.


3 thoughts on “The Head and Plumbing

  1. good thinking with the manual toilet!! both manual and electric can be nice for the drain though if there is a lot of water after a shower. We have a head with a shower and a toilet and its great even for my husband that is 6 feet tall or 183 cm. Its a fancy as it gets 🙂 good luck boat hunting.


  2. Manual is the go, (when you have too) we have a Lavac with a Henderson pump, fool proof, can double as a bilge pump with an extra valve or 2. “BUT” the day of the composting toilet is here and will become the loo of choice for many as the bog police become more active. All the area covered by the NRC (Northland Regional Council) is a no flush area out to 500m soon to be 1km if they get there way, and they probably will. treated effluent loos work but have reliability / breakdown issues. There are several Comp loos available, “Airhead” for one. or if you have the skills you can make your own. Much cheaper, guides and instructions online. separation of 1 and 2’s very important! up to 40 days for 2 people. No smells if done right, no holding tank leaks / blockages etc.

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