SUP – Stand Up Paddleboarding

SUP is all the rage here in New Zealand. People are paddling them around the bays, and surfing on the waves at the beach. They are brilliant, and really feel like you are walking on water. I tried my friend Kelly’s SUP a couple of years ago and just had to have one!

I decided to buy an inflatable one. Mainly for ease of storage and transportation. It can easily roll up to fit in its bag and go in the back of the car or inside the yacht, and it stores nicely on a shelf in my garage.

I bought a Fanatic – mainly because it was what my friend had purchased and recommended. They pump up in about 5 minutes with a hand pump and it also has a pressure gauge on there so you can easily see what psi you are up to. It is a good warm up exercise!

The handle comes in sections and can also break down to go in to the bag. Make sure you wash the parts out with fresh water to save it getting seized up with the salt water. My paddle is aluminium but if you are really keen and want to go fast you can buy very flash carbon paddles.

The board is really stable although it does require a bit of balance and practice to get going. Try to keep your elbows straight as you pull through – using your back muscles and have one hand on the top of the paddle. It is great core fitness.

I can easily fit a small child or a dog on the front and the new board also has bungy’s attached so you can tuck your shoes or a drybag underneath.

I love cruising along around the shallows of the bays looking for stingrays, or looking at the other yachts. You feel like you are walking on water and you can even do yoga on them!

We will definitely be taking ours cruising with us. You can lash them to the lifelines when they are inflated or deflate them and stow in the lazarette. I will be looking at buying a soft bag to stow them in when they are pumped up on deck just to keep the sun off.

Fanatic don’t seem to be listed on Amazon. But I have heard lots of good things about Tower Boards – Tower Adventurer 9’10” Inflatable SUP (6″ Thick) with Pump and 3-PC Adjustable Paddle



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