The South Pacific

The South Pacific Islands is a place that I have been lucky enough to visit on a number of occasions, but not yet by yacht! I am really looking forward to spending time cruising around the more remote islands that are usually out of reach of the typical holidaymaker.

I will gather up bits of information here, so this post will grow as it goes along. But for now, I have just been advised about this wonderful site which has some great South Pacific cruising information. It is called Soggy Paws. There are some wonderful free downloads and I am going to have a great time trawling around here.

There is also a wonderful free book available online about cruising in Fiji by Michael Calder. Check out A Yachtsmans Fiji.ย But it is over 200 pages long, so you might not want to hit the print button straight away!

The South Pacific cruising season runs from May through to November ish – and after that many of the cruising boats either head up to the equator or down to Australia or New Zealand to escape the Cyclone season.

4 thoughts on “The South Pacific

  1. Soggypaws is a GREAT resource – be sure to say HI to them from us if you see them once you get there! We LOVED the Pacific – so much we did it twice – the first time the ‘milk run’ – the second time, further south Easter Island, Pitcairn, Gambiers – just fabulous the whole thing! If you have any questions let us know – things do change, but not that much! Looking forward to hearing more.


    • Brilliant thanks Jackie! We will hopefully spend a few seasons exploring the Pacific once we bring the boat back from Europe – well that is the plan at this stage! So many beautiful places to visit. Will keep you posted! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Jackieandnoel have good advice above. You might also consider searching for a cruising yacht in a buyer’s market. French Polynesia regularly receives cruisers from the US and elsewhere who had no idea what they were getting into, and want out. Just the other month in Bora, a couple arrived and could be heard screaming at each-other. The wife was giving her hubby the ultimatum, either her or the boat, but she was going home. True there were problems with the beast that needed fixing, but nothing was structurally wrong; it was a well-found vessel. Hubby sold it well beneath it’s value – the new owner is going to fix it up and sell it in New Zealand (of all nice places). We bought in the Med for the joy of sailing there and cruising here, but I’ve always tried to look for a deal. Check the online used market listings here. You might like an easy downwind/shakedown voyage home for starters. ๐Ÿ™‚ PS, your site is lots of fun and full of good advice. Cheers.

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      • Great ideas thanks so much! I hope those cruisers were able to sort their issues out! But it would also be great to pick up a bargain! I will keep my eyes open. We have no real set agenda, just some growing ideas, so something like this is absolutely a possibility!
        Thanks for your comments, it is great to get positive feedback!
        Many thanks Viki ๐Ÿ™‚

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