The Solent Has Its Own Stay!

This looks like a good concept! Great blog to check out for Rigging ideas.

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A stay that gets its name from a strait separating the Isle of Wight from the mainland of southern England, the Solent. This traditionally windy place with strong currents can cause rough sea conditions and can make for some interesting sailing, to say the least. This body of water is also famous for hosting one of sailing’s largest events known as Cowes Week. These sometimes unrelenting sailing conditions have brought forth the conception of an entire stay, aptly called the Solent Stay.

Solent Stay Options

As most boats these days are equipped with headsail furlers, rigging a Solent stay is a modification that many blue water cruisers are considering, more and more. The Solent stay is an inner fore-stay that provides an alternative to the Sta-sail stay. Its benefits, similar to that of the Sta-sail Stay, are to provide an inner stay that can fly a smaller/ heavier headsail without having to unfurl, douse and change out the boats everyday headsail.

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2 thoughts on “The Solent Has Its Own Stay!

  1. I was brought up on the Solent, I was luck enough that mum & dad had a house with a beach at the bottom of the garden, a 16 ft sailing yacht (old clinker built heavy type) and a slipway!!, it was near Ryde, Isle of Wight, we looked over the Solent and often took part on sailing events, the Tall ships was my fav. The Solent is a tricky place to passage plan, very shallow, you can hit the bottom half way over near Ryde sands at low tide! The tidal runs will out run most sailing yachts, so you can truly be beating to the wind and still sailing backwards at 5 knots! Dudley


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