Budget your Boating


I have had another article published in Boating NZ Magazine this month! This one is about having a boating budget.

I must admit it was a scary exercise adding everything up. But to be honest, I don’t regret a single cent I spend on the boat. Sailing brings me so much fun and enjoyment.

So feel free to read on and find out how much it costs to run a 30′ keelboat.



24 thoughts on “Budget your Boating

  1. From my experience its not the running costs of the yacht while you are cruising that’s the issue as you tend to get the boat up to scratch before you leave, We went away for 4 months and chewed through $20,000, not on the boat!, costs were (1) storage of our belongings / moving house (2) Food (3) Marina fees including showers and laundry + yacht insurance (4) Selling and storage of the yacht at the end (5) Moving back in to a house (6) Fuel and finally entertainment and of course loss of income, Sure you can cut back on some of these but after a couple of weeks roughing it a hot meal and a shower are very appealing!. Ideally I would of needed a passive income with little maintenance but money brought us back to the real world again. Would I go again? – Of course I would!!! Now stop making me daydream in the middle of winter when at work at 8am on a dark morning!


    • two more things, (1) Depreciation of yacht, I brought a cheap 40ft Steel Ganley for 35K, spent 12 months renovating it , sold it for $95k, we broke even, it cost a lot to get it here and renovate it, so add the cost of storage of the yacht when you have completed your journey / selling fees / plus you may sell it in another country (2) if you think about this too much you wont go, so STOP reading this and just do it, πŸ™‚


    • Better go buy a lotto ticket! Just as well the memories are priceless!
      Keep warm today Dudley. Wildwood is in the Haulout yard with no windows, so I hope not too much of this rain is getting in!


  2. Just one mote thing, when you but a new yacht for the cruise I strongly suggest you take a look at the international market as yachts here are expensive, for example a close friend of mine ended up selling his Beneteau 50 last year, not a great time so sell at the moment, it had 30 hours on the engine, never even had a name, he never used it, 24 months old, it cost $230k Euro as new but from a charter company in receivership who brought it for $270k E, he sold it for just $98 Euro, there are some serious savings to be made here but not always in NZ… There are hotos of it on my website as he paid for me to fly over and teach him how to sail in the Black sea, to add insult to his losses I kitted out the yacht for him with gear and electronics, that was $42k Euro so that’s $270k loss. We even looked at shipping it to NZ as we would of sold it for much more here!


    • Wow poor him!
      Yes our plan is to buy a yacht in the Med and sail around there for a few years and then sail it back to NZ via the Caribbean, USA, Panama, Alaska, Pacific… etc etc…
      Got to go buy a lotto ticket!


    • No I guess not, however if you consider it is a lifestyle as well, and all the enjoyment and socialising we do. We spend lots of weekends and holidays on board, so that saves in accommodation too. πŸ™‚


  3. Hi Viki. With all due respect, don’t let someone scare you over money. You’ve got the right attitude, which is much more valuable than moola. It’s amazing how ingenuity can overcome hurdles; simplification is the key to any successful voyage. I’ve rubbed boat fenders with plenty of simplified yachts who’ve sailed the Pacific, their smart skippers and capable crews making do safely on a shoestring, enjoying the time of their lives. Save your money, set reasonable goals, do your own work, learn all you can, think it thru, stick to it, and then chance it and set sail. You’ll be happily underway before you realize what happened. Seriously.


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