How to make a cheap hot shower!

Wildwood is too small to have a shower inside, so I got this great idea on a hot outdoor shower from a friend of mine.

Head down to your local hardware or gardening store and buy yourself a pressurised weed sprayer container – the one where you pump the handle to get the pressure up.

Check out the irrigation section and select a shower head – for watering plants, one where you can hold the handle down to turn the water on and off (to water the plants) – my one has got lotsΒ of different settings.

If the hose diameter is different (like mine was) then you need to get a fitting to step between sizes. Preferably something that isn’t going to go rusty. This was beyond my level of technical expertise, so I got all the shop assistants running around the different departments in the shop to come up with a solution here.

If the hose still doesn’t fit on the end, you can heat it up in boiling water to make it soft and then try to get it to fit. Add a hose clip or a tie down to hold it securely in place.

And voila! Boil yourself up a kettle full of water on the stove, add cold water and the boiling water in to the pressurised container – check the temperature first, then pump it up and away you go!

The pressure was surprisingly good! You just have to pump it up wet yourself down, lather up with soap and then rinse off!

So nice! My son loved it so much he had about 3 showers in one day after each swim (thankfully I had plenty of water!)

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30 thoughts on “How to make a cheap hot shower!

  1. Packing one up right now…..what a great idea…I think it would be usefull to rinse off the pups too after they have had a dip!


  2. Reblogged this on Liquid Kangaroo and commented:
    This is such an ingenious idea! I have been using pocket showers for years with backpacking, but this takes it to a whole new level. You could even fill this container with fresh water, leave it in the sun during the day, and voila… Warm shower in the evening without having to boil water!


  3. Viki, what a great idea!!! I’ll be getting one!! In fact I bought a good one for only Β£7 in a supermarket promotion at aldi in U.K recently and despite cheap price was well made, strong, and had a built in pressure gauge!………….I knew I should have bought two πŸ™‚


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