Another Award!

Feeling very excited about being nominated for another blogging award! Thanks so much to Fabio from La possibilita di un’isola for the nomination. Fabio and his wife Kate and their cat live on their yacht Tranquility (Love the name!) Head over and check out his blog!

So the Leibster award is passed from blogger to blogger – kind of like a chain letter. Liebster is a German word for beloved, and this peer-to-peer recognition got started somehow somewhere on the web in 2010. You are nominated by a blogger who enjoys reading your blog and they ask you a series of questions and then you in turn nominate some other blogs that you admire.

So here are the questions I have been asked!

01. Where are you now? What did take you there?

I am currently based in Christchurch – in the South Island of New Zealand, working as hard as I can to save up for my global sailing adventures in a few years time. I sail at the weekends and holidays on my yacht Wildwood in Lyttelton Harbour and around Banks Peninsula and the Marlborough Sounds.

IMG_0608_col copy

02. What is home for you? where do you feel home?

Originally I am from England, but I call Christchurch home. It is a great city, however it was very badly damaged in a big earthquake in 2011. The whole central city has basically been demolished and is being rebuilt before our eyes. It is exciting going out exploring all the new things that pop up. There are lots of funky arty things emerging from the rubble, like these road cone sheep and trees made from bits of old buildings…

03. Did you meet people like you? Do you feel you belong to a community?

Absolutely! I am so lucky to have a wonderful group of friends and I have a great sailing community based around our local yacht club and extending much further. We race against one another, go cruising together, and then do so many other things together when we are not sailing too – skiing, diving, tramping etc. I love making new friends and meeting new people along the way and we are hoping to one day meet some of the great people whose blogs I have been following.

Party on Resolve in the marina

Party on Resolve in the marina

04. What do you always carry with you?

I always carry my iPhone! I love to take pictures of what we are up to and share them with everyone. I think people get sick of me taking so many photos…?!

Say cheese!:

Furneaux Lodge

Furneaux Lodge

05 What’s the thing you left behind that made you feel more free?

I haven’t left on our big cruising adventure as yet, but I am already trying to downsize to get that ‘free’ feeling! I think I will feel free when I don’t have a job and work commitments to think about.

06. How your life would change if you can buy whatever you want?

If I could buy whatever I wanted, I would consider buying Kokomo – however she is a bit difficult to get in to those cosy coves that we enjoy visiting, and there is no way she would fit on my mooring or get up the French Canals. So I would probably buy the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey that we are saving up for, and then stop working! Otherwise my life would probably not change terribly much. I would still go on lots of adventures – but perhaps I would buy the houses we stay at instead of renting them! I really do have a great lifestyle, and try to make the most of every moment. My world cruising plans might just happen a bit sooner if I didn’t have to save up!


07. What’s your favorite medium of expression?

I love to write and talk, and I am loving blogging! I would love to be musical or arty, but I haven’t tried that out as yet. Need to save something for retirement!

08. What would make a huge difference for you now?

Ummm having someone turn up at the door and give me a million dollars!? Refer above!


09. The time you thought you couldn’t make it

Trying to sail through the notorious Tory Channel with the tide ripping through in the wrong direction. The motor was on full revs, we were barely making any headway, picking our way along the side out of the main flow of the tidal stream between rocks and cray pots. I had visions of being sucked back out, crashing in to the fishing boat behind us or encountering a ferry along the way… I have still got the grey hairs to show for that trip…!

Tory Channel

10. What keeps you going?

My plans to sail around the world keep me motivated towards learning lots of new things and trying to save up enough money to be able to do it! Sailing around the world has always been a big dream for me. Not so worried about actually circumnavigating, but more the long term sailing lifestyle is what I am keen for. I mean who wouldn’t want to retire early, live on a boat having adventures and seeing the world…!?

My wonderful friends, family and my son Seth also keep me going. We have so much fun together and always have different adventures planned. Because of this, the time between now and when we sail off will go very quickly!

Sailing in Pittwater

So there you have it! I would like to nominate the following super cool blogs for a Leibster award too!:

1. SV Take It Easy – Wade & Chris are based in Australia and are planning their future sailing adventures.

2. Cruising Pink Diamond – Lynn & Tom have a beautiful brand new Jeanneau in New Zealand

3. A Family Afloat – Josie, Christian and their three gorgeous kids

4. A Viking Saga – Poppy is a solo sailor and writes a wonderful blog about her adventures

5. The Long Blue Road – a family preparing for circumnavigation

6. Yogic Sailing Family – these guys are living the dream currently sailing in Greece

7. Our Journey to the Sea – Ryan & Auds adventures

Their questions are as follows:

1. What sort of boat do you have? What do you love about it and what would you change if you could?

2. If you have a partner – are you both as passionate about sailing as each other?

3. What are your future sailing plans?

4. Where is the most amazing place you have visited?

5. What do you love most about the sailing lifestyle?

6. When were you most frightened?

7. Do you have any plans to go back to dry land at any stage?

8. What is the biggest mistake you have made?

9. How do you afford your lifestyle?

10. What is your favourite book and why?


8 thoughts on “Another Award!

  1. I’ve been getting a chance to catch up on the blogs I follow now that I’m ‘home’ for the academic year (though really I think the boat is home) and no longer have to scrounge for unreliable internet. Loved this post, wonderful to hear more about your life and philosophy and motives 🙂 So great!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We can see why you get and deserve awards with your blog. There’s lots of excellent info shared and links listed. Perhaps your greatest award will be when circumstances permit you to live your dream, and ours’ ( i.e. not me personally, but everyone) you meet while sailing to distant islands and enchanting shores.


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