Can’t stand the heat? Stay out of the sun!

Very exciting to have had our first offer of a product review come through from Shadyface who contacted us via the blog to see if we would be keen to try out their product!

Of course we were!!

Unfortunately it arrived after we had already set off on our adventures around the Marlborough Sounds, so we didn’t get the opportunity to try it out over our holidays on the boat over Christmas, however the forecast for today was for a hot sunny day, so we headed out to our friends Nick & Amy’s house who live right beside Taylors Mistake beach in Christchurch to put the Shadyface through it’s paces in the harsh New Zealand beach summer conditions!

First up – packaging. It all arrived in a nice box with a picture on the front and it comes complete with instructions and a carry bag with either a handle or back pack straps to enable you to easily give it to one of the kids to carry and save your own arms for the picnic and beers.

Will & the Shadyface in backpack mode

Incidentally the bag is really well made and has a wide mouth on it for easy access and stowage of your Shadyface, I could easily also pack my beach towel in with the Shadyface and the handy side pocket was great for the sunscreen and water bottle to be stashed in as well. The bag has a zip top, but the side pocket has a velcro tab closure.

Upon arrival at the beach, we set ourselves up in a good position to be able to watch the kids playing in the surf. I unpacked the Shadyface, and having neglected to bring along the instructions, it did take me a wee while to figure out how to put it together. The first thing you notice is how well engineered it is. The whole structure feels quite sturdy. Once I had got it all together it stayed put and I didn’t feel like it was about to blow away in a puff of Easterly sea breeze which was building as the day wore on.

Taylors Mistake

The Shadyface has an angled headrest which enables you to recline nicely on your towel but still retain a view of the kids in the water without having to build a pillow out of sandy kids towels. Behind the headrest are a number of different sized pockets in which you can store your keys, phone, magazine, sunscreen and water bottle. These all have strong velcro closures, so should it accidentally tip over when you are out swimming, you aren’t going to lose all your important items in to the sand.

The shade part can be moved up or down to increase or decrease the amount of shade that you get. This shade is perfect to enable you to be able to see your iPhone or iPad without the glare of the sun on your screen. It also means you don’t end up frying your face in the intense UV rays that New Zealand is well known for.

The only trouble I had with my Shadyface was having to share it with everyone else in the family who wanted to use it!


Shadyface also make a bluetooth speaker – so we brought that along to the beach and I was impressed with the sound quality. It was easy to hook it up to the iPhone and get some summer tunes playing on the beach to add to the atmosphere.

Packing up was relatively easy with the assistance of Soph who figured it all out very quickly and the Shadyface was stowed away in its bag along with the sandy towels and beach toys for the walk back up the hill to Nick & Amy’s house followed by a BBQ on the deck overlooking the sea.


So in summary, I would recommend the Shadyface for anyone who spends time relaxing by the pool or on the beach. The bag has plenty of room to carry all your other beach essentials along as well, and when you are relaxing in the sun, the Shadyface protects you from the harmful suns rays, provides a convenient place to store your things away from the sand, and it won’t blow away in the first gust of wind. It would be great too if you had a baby that you wanted to shade or to leave your picnic basket in the shade while you played cricket on the beach.

Our original plan was to have taken it away on our boat, but in hindsight I think it might have been a bit too bulky to stow on our smallish yacht with all the other stuff we had on board, it was a struggle finding a place for everything to go as it was. Also we were flat out busy sailing, fishing, diving, paddle boarding and cruising around, that we didn’t actually spend as much time reclining in the sun as I was hoping to do. However if you have plenty of storage space, and you enjoy reclining back and sunbathing without frying your face, then the Shadyface would be perfect!

So many thanks Shadyface for giving us the opportunity to try out your cool product! if you want to buy one you can check out the Shadyface website by clicking here.

7 thoughts on “Can’t stand the heat? Stay out of the sun!

  1. The shady face looks brilliant for just laid on the beach and being able to read. You can never usually get comfortable or the sun gets in your eyes so it would be perfect. Does it come with a cool pouch for beers?

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      • Hello Viki!
        Our ShadyFace Sunshades are the first sunshades in the world to offer “Hands Free” shaded
        electronic viewing with our ” Universal Tablet Holder for all Tablets and Phones”. Now the entire family can stream movies; play video games; read E-mails or Kindles with shaded relaxation. The perfect travel shade for any outdoor adventure. Battery Chargers are available for all electronics –
        Just go to to purchase your ShadyFace products.

        “ShadyFace is changing the way we all shade ourselves from now on….”
        “Happy Viewing ” from

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  2. Shadyface looks like a brilliant idea for battling the intense New Zealand sun – definitely more effective than “Slip! Slop! Slap!” and a good way to read books on a Kindle or iPad. I agree though, it probably would be too bulky for the boat. Storage is always at a premium around here (especially when you have a husband who travels with three guitars!).

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