GPS Guided City Tours

I don’t know about you, but when I am planning a trip I like to do a bit of research about the place before I travel. I get a severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out) thinking that I could be just around the corner from something amazing without knowing it.

Sometimes it is difficult to pick out the best bits, or figuring out how to get off the main tourist trail. I find that reading travel blogs can be excellent for getting first hand advice and tips about all the best places to check out.

Imagine combining that valuable advice into a GPS guided tour, so you don’t even have to carry round cumbersome maps. Wouldn’t that be convenient?

Well search no further, that technology is here in the GPSMyCity App, and what is REALLY cool is that some of my travel articles have been put on the app as well!

There are over 750 cities featured on the app with a variety of different itineraries available in each place. Once you have downloaded the app and the article that you are interested in, then you can refer back to it any time while you are out and about without having to use the internet.

Downloading the apps are free, however if you decide you want to upgrade to have a GPS guided article, then you pay a small upgrade fee ($1.99) and then your phone’s GPS will interact with the app to show you where you are on the map and guide you directly to the place you want to visit.


Users of article apps can have the article content read to them out loud using the newly-added audio function. This function can be quite useful when using the app outdoors and having difficulty seeing text on the screen. Sometimes, a person may simply want to listen to the audio narration rather than read the text.

There is also a new Walk function which allows users to select some or all the sights featured in the article and create their own self-guided walking tour to these sights.

This week some more of my articles are being published, and for this week only (until 5 Feb 2017) you can download and also upgrade them for free without having to pay the upgrade fee.

Click on the links below to go through to the GPSMyCity website, you will be prompted to also download the app if you don’t already have it.

Exploring Tokyo

36 Hours in Kyoto

Marvellous Melbourne

Next click on “Upgrade” to activate the GPS guide part of the app.

Some of my other articles are also on the app already including:


Exploring Efate (Vanuatu)

Isle of Pines

Bourail – New Caledonia

Noumea Travel Tips



I love how new technology gives people access to amazing information all at the touch of a button, enabling them to share travel tips and first hand experiences that might otherwise be difficult to access.

Anyway enjoy and happy traveling!

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