Poor Christchurch has taken a big beating by a huge storm which has raged for the last 3 days. I have never seen anything like it!

The Lyttelton Port Company weather page on their website recorded 69kts yesterday, and it hasn’t dropped below 20kts. It is pouring with rain and the yachts are taking a real pounding. Especially those in our unprotected marina:

The roads all around Christchurch are flooded and many houses are also being inundated by the water.

My friends yacht Bees Knees has broken off her mooring in Akaroa and is getting pounded up the beach:

Thankfully so far Wildy is still holding on to her mooring along with my other friends yachts in Corsair Bay. The weather is predicted to ease off a bit later on today. However I have called off racing tonight!


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