My new Dubarry boots!

Well what can I say… I LOVE my new boots!!

After enviously eyeing up my friends Aaron and Juliet sporting these sexy boots at the club during a recent regatta, I started doing some research.

Dubarry boots are made in Ireland and they do all sorts of outdoor clothing and footwear. From what I can gather they are held in pretty high esteem as all the reviews I read just raved about them!

So when my current sea boots which were less than a year old sprung a leak I decided to splash out and buy some.

I couldn’t find anyone in Christchurch who stocked them, so I looked online but the price and freight charges were ridiculous. So I sent Juliet a message and she said that it was my lucky day! They run a chandlery in Picton and they had a pair of exactly what I wanted but in a size larger. She said they had been there for a while so she would send them down got me to try and would give me a special price! Yay!

So when they arrived they were in fact the size larger than what I wanted but I could hardly get my foot in! Once I wriggled and jiggled it around I got it on and they were perfect. I just have to wear thinner socks than normal.

The sole is really grippy and I felt very sure footed on deck. The foot part is leather and then the leg part of the boot is gortex. So they are super warm, I’ve got dry feet and they breathe. So they are really comfortable to wear. Also around the leg opening they have got an almost neoprene material, so if you were wearing shorts then it wouldn’t rub on your leg.

They are slightly shorter than my other sea boots, so the only issue I can perceive is that I might get a wave over the top when I’m getting in or out of my dinghy.

Other than that I am really pleased with them, and I believe you can even send them back when you wear out the soles to have new ones put on.

So while the initial purchase price might be considerably more than you would spend on a regular pair of boots, these are going to last you much longer, be super comfortable while you are wearing them and most importantly – you are going to look hot at the club! ;0)



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