Origami Boats

Being a boat lover, you just can’t have too many boats around the house. They remind you what you are missing out on living between four walls and a roof, instead of bobbing around on the water where you rightly should be.

I like staying in hotels, especially when you head to the loo and find that they have made a nice triangle out of the end of the toilet paper. Flash!

Well eat your heart out hotel people! Check this out!

Toilet paper origami boats…


Awesome huh!?

You too can create this masterpiece while you sit on the loo either in your house or on your boat (in calm conditions – in rough conditions, you’ll be lucky to just get your pants down – please see here…)

So if you would like to learn how to make this toilet paper work of art. Please read on…

Step 1

Get some nice soft loo roll. As you can see, mine has got lovely designs on the front and a different pattern on the back, which makes a nice contrasting design for my boat. (This is optional…)

Fold your sails by folding each corner inwards and under.


Step 2

Now for the hull…

Fold a bit of paper up and under – gee hard to describe in words exactly how to do this so hopefully you can get the gist by looking at my photo:


(Sorry I am trying to hold the camera and the loo roll at the same time and it’s a bit tricky… – by the way I am in the lounge and not on the loo in case you were wondering…)

Step 3

You should now have a hull like so – it is a bit square looking:


Step 4

Currently that boat doesn’t conform to Rule #1 – Look Good so we need to add a bit of a bow and stern:

Again I think pictures speak louder than words here. Just kind of tuck the corners in a bit:


(Sorry – I broke my fingernails when I was sailing at the weekend…)

Step 5


Walk away and leave your partner and guests to be wowed when they head to the head!


I’d love to see your attempts at origami boats! I am sure there are more racey or classic boat designs out there. Email me your pics and I will add them to the post!


9 thoughts on “Origami Boats

  1. This is fab! I am now going to do this at every opportunity when I visit the loo. Unfortunately there is a cover on the loo roll on our yacht and the origami will get squashed….


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