Great Gear for the Galley

Even though we are still a wee way off buying our dream boat, I still like to keep an eye out for nice things that we are going to need on board, and I either squirrel them away in a safe place or use them around home or on Wildwood in the mean time.

There are some key things to consider before purchasing things for a boat though…

  1. Space – storage space on a boat is limited, so before you buy anything you first have to think about where it is going to be stored. Things that stack inside one another to take up less space are better.
  2. Durability – will it survive being hurled across the boat in rough weather? Crystal glasses are unfortunately not going to last long.
  3. Power – Unless you are plugged in to a marina, you are not likely to be able to use electric appliances, so you will need to think of alternatives.
  4. Multiple uses – try and pick things that can be used for a variety of different things.

Tea Towels

I like maps – so I have just started a map tea towel collection. A great way of combining something practical with something I like to look at as well!



Pots & Pans

We haven’t got these yet, but our friends boat Esther Louise has Magma pots. They have removable handles and nest inside one another to save space. They are made of high grade stainless steel so they won’t rust either.

Another cool pot is this Sea to Summit pop up pot. It has a metal bottom and silicone sides, the lid clips securely on with the handles. Great for boats with limited storage and campers as well.

Pressure Cooker

My friend Astrid recommends having a pressure cooker on board. I haven’t used one of these, but they apparently cook food quickly – meaning you use less gas and don’t put so much heat in to the cabin in hot areas. Make sure you get one made from good quality stainless steel.

Chopping Board

It is good to have a couple of different boards. I would like to get a nice wooden one that fits over the top of the oven or sink, but check out this cool board my brother bought be for Xmas. It has a non-slip grip on the bottom, folds in half to make it easier to tip your chopped up things in to the pot and it even has a strainer! Brilliant.

Pop-Up Kettle

This cute kettle is great for if you have limited storage space. It has a stainless steel bottom and silicone sides.


We don’t have hot water on Wildwood, so every time we boil the kettle, we tip the left over hot water in to the flask to use for another hot drink later on, or to use for doing the dishes. A flask is great on long passages as well, particularly when it is rough or at night when you fancy a hot drink or a cuppa soup and don’t want to wake up everyone down below.


Coffee Plunger

Andrew and I like a good cup of coffee in the morning. The one we have on Wildwood is glass, but we also have a stainless steel one, which of course is not likely to smash in to millions of pieces if it comes out of the locker.

Coffee Mugs

The ones pictured above are china, but again you are better off with something that isn’t going to smash you might be able to get some good melamine ones with your dinner set.


Melamine plates with non-slip bottoms (a silicone ring on the bottom) are the way to go. Get deep bowls for soups, cereals, and small serving bowls, side plates, and dinner plates.

Serving Bowls

Get a salad bowl that could also double as a mixing bowl, and a platter for serving things on. Have some larger serving spoons as well.


I love Strahl glasses – they are made of a heavy clear plastic and they look and feel quite ‘glass like’. We have got wine glasses and some decent sized tumblers that stack inside one another.


Buy decent stainless steel cutlery. The cheap stuff will go rusty. While you are there get a decent set of knives, including a bread knife, big chopping knife, a decent fish filleting knife and a small knife and good knife sharpener as well.

Remember serving spoons too.


I have just bought this cool Joseph Joseph nesting utensils set. You can also get this 5 in one utensil which I have also bought from Amazon. I will report back with a review once I get them. Get a corkscrew, a good wooden spoon and a can opener. Buy two – one for the galley and one for your grab bag.

Rolling pin

You can always use a wine bottle if you don’t have one. But they are essential if you want to make pizza.

Measuring Spoons and Cups

I love the colours of these measuring nesting plastic bowls. They are such fun colours you could use them to serve things in as well. Get some tongs while you are there as well. Great for the BBQ and these ones have a special integrated rest so you don’t end up with juices all over the bench.


Storage Containers

I am a wee bit addicted to sistema storage containers. They come in all sorts of sizes and are great in both the galley for storing food in cupboards or in the fridge, and for storing spare parts, games, batteries, and everything else on board. They aren’t completely watertight if you store them upside down though…


Silicone bakeware is light weight and doesn’t rust or bang together in the locker. I’ve got a muffin tray, a loaf and a cake tin. A pizza stone is great if you are planning on making pizzas with a nice crispy bottom. My friend Astrid from SY Sophia recommends keeping the pizza stone in the oven all the time to help even out hot spots. And scales come in handy if you are doing lots of baking as well.



If you have got space, then this is a very cool gadget. Whip cream, make milkshakes, blend things with the sharp blades. It has a pull string like an outboard motor starter cord. No power. I love mine.

Yoghurt Maker

If you are heading in to remote places then a yoghurt maker is a handy thing to have if you have got the space. You can get ones that don’t use any power. Just add hot water and its ready overnight.



Get a good stainless steel one as the cheaper versions will go rusty really quickly.


Put this on top of your gas hob for toast. Don’t leave it unattended, as the toast can burn (and possibly catch fire) if you look away for a second!

If you can see anything I have missed or you have any particular brands you like or dislike, please let me know. Do you have any great galley gear or cadets you can’t do without?

8 thoughts on “Great Gear for the Galley

    • Hi Laura, yes I love this blender! It is a Tupperware brand – if you click on the blue link then you should go through to it on Amazon. Here is a Youtube link to it as well. My son makes smoothies in ours all the time. Milk, berries, a banana and a dollop of yoghurt with the chopping blade – delicious! It has a chopping blade and a mixing blade. It is a bit of a hassle to wash up. But it has got a silicone ring on the bottom so it doesn’t slip on the bench, and it has got measurements up the side. You can use the container on its own as a normal container, or for storing things in the fridge that you have made as well. I love it!


  1. Hi Viki,

    That is a fun galley collection you are amassing. I wanted to second a pressure cooker, and since you mentioned making yoghurt, I wanted to mention thermal cookers… They take up the same amount of space, and can also be used for cooking full meals and baking bread. We settled upon the 5.5L Sarratoga Jack’s model for ourselves, but there are many to choose from. We think it is marvelous to have onboard, and great for transporting meals to other boats or the beach…

    Boat Galley had articles on each of these cooking methods if that is of interest.

    For yoghurt culture, we buy the small packets [think restaurant sugar packet size] from cheese making equipment suppliers.

    We like these guys:

    Some culture packets will make 10+ one gallon batches, and each batch can be used to inoculate 5+ future batches. So one small packet [preferably kept in the freezer…] will yield 60+ gallons of yoghurt. We also got a small ‘yoghurt cheese’ maker. [] It is nothing more than a small stainless sieve you pour your home made yoghurt into and let it drip into a plastic container in the fridge for 1-2 days. It results in a creme cheese consistency yogurt often called ‘Greek’ yoghurt… Very yummy, and a great substitute for creme cheese in dips and recipes.

    Food for thought… [sorry…]

    Cheers! Bill

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  2. These are such great ideas! You may have just fostered an addiction!

    Question – we are looking at getting a food dicer. Thinking one of the ones that you grind by hand by just turning the handle. Think that would be useful? Less electricity the better right? And less knives out while underway the better!


    • Thanks! And yes good point re the knives. I guess it comes down to how much space you’ve got in the galley for gadgets. The crank handle things are great. I’ve got a Tupperware Power Chef and it is amazing! Works like a outboard motor starter. LOVE it!


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