14 thoughts on “Boat Stationery

  1. Part of creating your brand includes your colours, the font you use and the consistent image you project in everything relating to the boat.

    In our case Take It Easy has distinctive orange trims on the white sails and topsides and the writing of the name on the blue hulls. The orange/blue/white colours are not only on the outside of the boat but also in the inside decor.

    The website uses the brand colours also and of course our boat cards which are really useful when meeting other yachties. Sample sent to you via email. We have used a photo of the boat on the front of the boat card and our contact details on the back. People remember the boat first and foremost!

    It is all part of making our cat distinctive and unique. And of course it’s fun! People now recognise the boat because it is different and because we also write articles regularly in yachting magazines.

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  2. What a great logo! Can you please share your Fiver logo designer?
    Our current boat cards were made over a few glasses of wine and a catamaran sketch we found on Google. They’re not bad at all but it’s time to improve on that.

    Thanks also for into about the boat stamp. I’ve heard about them but didn’t know it was required in some places.


    • Yes sure the name was design_line36
      I didn’t get an email address as you just communicate via the fiverr website. I think it’s s really good service. Easier if you have an idea of what you’d like too and can send them some examples.

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