The Downsizing Dilemma!

New Years resolution – more de-cluttering! I’ve updated this post with a few new thoughts.

Astrolabe Sailing

It seems that creating a more minimalistic lifestyle is all the rage these days. Even people who aren’t planning on living on a boat are seeing the benefits of downsizing, getting rid of the clutter in their lives, purchasing experiences instead of material things. Everywhere I look there are articles about how to spring clean your life, but equally there are also all the advertisements and flyers in my letterbox encouraging me to buy more stuff!

Apparently there are studies that show that in the long term, purchasing experiences make you happier than that big flat screen TV. The issue people have with this is that experiences, like show tickets, or a holiday, only last for a short time, but TV’s and new cars last for a long time. Still I’m sure there aren’t many people who reminisce on their death bed how enriched their life was after they bought…

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